Custom Equipping Plans To Offer You The Support You Need To Succeed

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Every planter and church plant is different. In the EDA we acknowledge and embrace your unique calling and design custom equipping plans for you using the six elements listed below. We want to ensure that every planter in the EDA is supported and set up for a successful long-term church plant.

Element one: Pre-Assessment

  • Church / Pastor Recommendation Referral

  • Interview With District Leadership (PRE-ASSESSMENT)

  • School recommendation referral

element two: formal assessment

  • Interviews: Formal Assessment 

  • EFCA Licensing Counsel 

Element Three: Individual Equipping plan

  • Residencies 

  • Gateway 

  • Conferences/Workshops/Networks/Reading material

  • Multiply Training

  • Multi-cultural training

Element Four: Support

  • Financial

  • Care

  • Prayer

Element Five: Pre-launch

  • Missional Strategy

  • Core Group Defined

  • Governance Docs

  • Discipleship Strategy

  • Location

element six: launch

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